Domestic Ware


We sell more mugs than any other product! There are a lot of styles and colours available – from the traditional speckled stoneware, to the contemporary clean lines of the white range.

The coffee mugs and round shaped mugs can also have a mouse added to the side or on the handle.


Gerry makes a wide variety of bowls. Some, such as cereal bowls are usually plain and functional. Others are decorative but can be used for a variety of purposes – as cooking or serving dishes, fruit bowls, or decorative objects to enhance part of your room.


These are another popular item as they serve a number of purposes – as a functional item, as a container for flowers or as a decorative piece.


Gerry has always liked making teapots. They have to be well balanced and with a handle that is easy to hold.  The lid should stay on when in use. The spout has to be designed so that the tea will pour out well- not dribbling or gushing!

Other items in our domestic range include butter and cheese dishes, marmalade and mustard pots, egg cups, platters, chalices – all sorts!