Our products

In this section you will see all the types of pots we make as standard. Most of the pots that are shown are available in a range of different colours. Because the pots are fired in a gas kiln the colours can vary a little from those shown below. These are our most popular colours, but do enquire if you wish to have another one – we may be able to do it!


Pit fired pots

These pots have been biscuit fired to 1,000C. Then they have had organic material such as seaweed and grasses wrapped around the outside and packed in a pit, filled with wood and oxides . You get some interesting results caused by the smoke and the flames reaction to the oxides. Because these pots are low fired, they are not waterproof, but can be used as vases if a glass container is placed inside.

Kitchen ware

We do a range of ceramics that you would use in the kitchen –  storage jars, oil/vinegar jars and salt pigs, scouring pad holders etc.

The pots can be made plain or with a mouse on the side.


What would you use a jug for? Flower arranging? Cream or milk? A table decoration – the choice is yours.

Domestic Ware


We sell more mugs than any other product! There are a lot of styles and colours available – from the traditional speckled stoneware, to the contemporary clean lines of the white range.

The coffee mugs and round shaped mugs can also have a mouse added to the side or on the handle.


Gerry makes a wide variety of bowls. Some, such as cereal bowls are usually plain and functional. Others are decorative but can be used for a variety of purposes – as cooking or serving dishes, fruit bowls, or decorative objects to enhance part of your room.


These are another popular item as they serve a number of purposes – as a functional item, as a container for flowers or as a decorative piece.


Gerry has always liked making teapots. They have to be well balanced and with a handle that is easy to hold.  The lid should stay on when in use. The spout has to be designed so that the tea will pour out well- not dribbling or gushing!

Other items in our domestic range include butter and cheese dishes, marmalade and mustard pots, egg cups, platters, chalices – all sorts!