2109/09/7 Fangfest

Fangfest is our village festival, celebrating everything that is great about art and crafts. At the pottery you can have a go on the wheel, paint a little pot or make a tile for the Stoke on Trent Tile Project – all free!

There are talks and demonstrations going on throughout the day – including how to make a teapot from scratch or how to raku a pot.

We are just part of a huge festival with lots of things going on. Check it out on www.facebook.com/fangfest

2019/08/25 Arts and Crafts Festival. Burnby Hall

Exhbitions and demonstrations by local artists.

                                                                                       Come along and bid for some fantastic artworks by local artists. All proceeds will go towards the provision of a specialist changing bench for use by visitors with special needs.

Kitchen ware

We do a range of ceramics that you would use in the kitchen – garlic pots, storage jars, oil/vinegar jars and salt pigs.

The pots can be made plain or with a mouse on the side.




What would you use a jug for? Flower arranging? Cream or milk? A table decoration – the choice is yours.


We sell more mugs than any other product! There are a lot of styles and colours available – from the traditional speckled stoneware, to the contemporary clean lines of the white range.

The “White Range”

New for 2018 – A collection of ceramics, designed for a more contemporary look. Using a white clay which is thrown on the wheel close to a state of collapse, Gerry is transmitting a sense of movement to the finished pots. Fired in a white glaze, with an occasional splash of colour, the pots will enhance any home environment.