The “White Range”

Introduced in 2018 – A collection of ceramics, designed for a more contemporary look. Using a white clay which is thrown on the wheel close to a state of collapse, Gerry is transmitting a sense of movement to the finished pots. Fired in a white glaze, with an occasional splash of colour, the pots will enhance any home environment.


Vases are a must to all those people who love to have fresh flowers enhancing their rooms. So why buy a vase from IKEA, which is made in China, in a mould, then distressed to make it look handmade, – when you can buy a real individual item from us for about the same price?


Candle related products

Candles contribute to a calming, soothing ambience to any home. Here are some of the pots we make for candles. We also make a range of oil lamps and incense burners.

filigree candle holder
plain candle holders




A selection of oil lamps.
Ash catchers.
A dragon incense burner. The smoke comes from his mouth!









And to extinguish those candles, we make a lovely range of candle snuffers. Here are a few examples:-

A selection of “little people” snuffers.
A selection of animal snuffers