We sell more mugs than any other product! There are a lot of styles and colours available – from the traditional speckled stoneware, to the contemporary clean lines of the white range.

And put a mouse on it!

A lot of our customers like our “mouse pots”. We have been making these for several years and they are as popular now as when we started making them. Little mice can be put on any of our pots! Below are just a few examples.


Gerry makes a wide variety of bowls. Some, such as cereal bowls are usually plain and functional. Others are more decorative but can be used for a variety of purposes -as  cooking or serving dishes, fruit bowls, or purely as decorative objects to enhance part of your room.

Bowl with a wide rim. Decorated in the oatmeal-blue glaze, then overlaid with an aqua spiral.
A medium bowl in oatmeal-blue. Decorated with rutile in a helix pattern.
Bowls made from pure white clay. Unglazed on the outside and a black glaze insi
Selection of bowls
bowl in tenmoku glaze, with rutile decoration
A selection of bowls in greens, blacks and dark blues – all made from pure white clay


What would you use a jug for? Cream or milk? A table decoration? Arranging flowers – the choice is yours!

Jug (Copper Red Reduction Glaze)
A litre jug – glazed with copper red reduction.
Jug with tenmoku glaze, overlaid with rutile.





A litre jug in oatmeal-blue glaze, with a rutile glazed



Cream jug, half pint jug and pint jug in aqua glaze. Larger sizes and different styles are available . They can be made in an assortment of colours.

Tea Pots – to match jugs, sugar basins and mugs.

Gerry has always liked making teapots. They have to be well balanced and with a handle that is easy to hold.  The lid should stay on when in use. The spout has to be designed so that the tea will pour out well- not dribbling or gushing! – and it mustn’t dribble……

Experimenting with shapes! This teapot actually poured quite well!
Teapot with cane handle, glazed in tenmoku.
A teapot, half pint jug and sugar bowl in the oatmeal glaze.